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  • Presentation
  • Gallery
  • Carla- Little Daisy Flower Edging
  • Carmela- Little Daisy Edging
  • Cinzia- Little Daisy Flower Edging
  • Cecilia- Large petalled flower
  • Cora- Big Daisy Flower
  • Claudia- Big Daisy Flower Edging
  • Camilla- Campanula Flower
  • Cornelia- Campanula Flower Edging
  • Celeste- Square Motif
  • Carola- Campanula Flower Edging
  • Cristina/Cristiana- 3D Flower,Edging
  • Rose- 3D Bouquet
    Joinings(up-join,down-join,last to first join, daisy up join, daisy down join)
    Small Daisy Flowers,
    Big Daisy Flowers,
  • Gallery

Title: Tatting Fantasia 5: Flowers and Colours / Blumen und Farben
Author/Designer: Iris Niebach
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2016
Publisher: Self, Denmark
Page Count: 35
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 5/8" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- While the original Danish is there, there are translations of everything into English and Italian. She also includes good diagrams, which need no translation. Patterns are not written out, but there are written instructions describing the tricky bits. She employs several more advanced techniques in this book like the cluny leaf, 3D tatting, and switching out colors by encapsulating more than one thread. She plays a lot with color, and gets some really cheerful and bright results. I like Iris Niebach's work - she never disappoints. This isn't a book I'd hand to a novice tatter, but if you are an experienced tatter, you'll love these designs.

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