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  • About the Authors
  • Introduction
  • CHAPTER I: Basic Instructions
    (Dottie's Fancy Hair Clip),
    (First Lullaby(little bag)),
    (Victoria's Tie Belt),
    (Beth's Sachet)
  • CHAPTER II: Making Long Picots
    (Dr. Allen's Little Fir Tree),
    (Small Round Venetian Doily),
    (Cathy's Little Picot Lace Hat),
    (Five Pointed Daisy Star),
    (Daisy Heart),
    (Marigold Motif),
    (Angel Daisy Tassel Ornament)
  • CHAPTER III: Increasing and Decreasing, Additional Stitches and Picots
    (Josie's Handkerchief with Josephine Knot Trim),
    (Minnie's Puffed Hot Pad),
    (Mesa Hot Pad),
    (The Picot Tree)
  • CHAPTER IV: Combining Jiffy Needle Tatting with Beads
    (JoAnn's Metallic Gold and Pearl Necklace, Earrings),
    (Little Christmas Wreath)
  • CHAPTER V: Using Two or More Colors
    (Two-color Marigold Coaster),
    (Four-leaf Clover Coaster)
  • CHAPTER VI: Combining Jiffy Needle Tatting with Other Needlework
    (Hydie's Treasure Bag),
    (Wagon Wheel Daisy),
    (Granny Square Daisy),
    (Daisy Butterfly Motif),
    (Knit Sweater with Tatting Inserts),
    (Diamond Lap Robe),
    (Betsy's Ponytail Holder),
    (Oval Placemat with Tatted Applique, Border)
  • CHAPTER VII: Converting Shuttle Patterns to Jiffy Needle Tatting
    (Shuttle Pearl Beaded Collar)
  • CHAPTER VIII: Ready, Set, Tat! Quick & Easy Patterns
    (Double Picot Daisy Button Cover),
    (Northwest Daffodil),
    (Portland's Tatted Rose),
    (Princess Picot Rose),
    (Handkerchief with Baby's Breath Edging),
    (Small Butterfly Edging),
    (Fleur-de-Lis Edging),
    (Rocky Mountain Flower Edging),
    (Royalty Edging),
    (Anniversary Edging),
    (Valentine Heart),
    (Flower Petal Basket),
    (Rose Path Baby Coverlet),
    (Patriotic Headband, Ponytail Holder, Fancy Comb),
    (Camelot Snood),
    (Rosebud Baby Bonnet),
    (Rosebud Baby Booties),
    (Little Angel Baby Bonnet),
    (Little Angel Baby Booties)
  • (Rosalie Collar),
    (Margaret Collar),
    (Bible Cross Bookmark),
    (Sally's Irish Rose Doily),
    (Oregon Trail Doily),
    (Victorian Rose Pillow),
    (Holiday Cutouts)

Title: Jiffy Needle Tatting: Quick & Easy
Author/Designer: Selma and Ed Morin
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1992
Publisher: KC Publishing, Inc., Kansas City, MO
Page Count: 114
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/4" x 5 1/4"
ISBN: 0866753395

SUMMARY- The Morins were a staple in Workbasket for decades. They wrote articles on whatever craft Workbasket asked for, but like Myrtle Hamilton, they are best known for their tatting. There were seven(7) books in the classic collection - five of which were for needle tatting. Here is where I can save you some money - I know that the Holiday Collection, A to Z, Quick & Easy, and Fashion Accessories are part of "The Complete Book of Needle Tatting", with the first seven chapters duplicated from book to book. Buying the complete book saves you from having to track down any of the other smaller books.

There are a lot more patterns in this book than just what was listed in the Table of Contents - you got patterns to try as you built your skills using their instructions on how to needle tat(I've inserted the names of these patterns in parentheses). The patterns presented are what we think of as fairly traditional standard stuff. This is a solid little book - well worth hunting it down.

Notation is written notation, not symbolic, and not broken down very well. There are no diagrams. Photos are small black-and-white without good resolution. But the patterns aren't complicated, so it may not matter if you are already good at the basics.

Below is the list of the other books in Workbasket's Classic Collection by Ed and Selma Morin:

1) Jiffy Needle Tatting-Exciting Fashion Accessories
2) Jiffy Needle Tatting- A to Z
3) Jiffy Needle Tatting- Holiday Collection
4) Jiffy Needle Tatting- Quick & Easy
5) The Complete Book of Jiffy Needle Tatting
6) Collars to Knit and Crochet
7) Afghans to Crochet
8) U.S. State Quilt Blocks