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  • Introduction
  • Romantic Garden(doily)
  • Pentagon(motif)
  • Arario(round motif)
  • Water Lily(doily)
  • Burse(split ring bag/purse)
  • Lotus Flower Met(hexagon motif)
  • Sharon(round motif)
  • Block Square
  • Beauty Celtic(doily)
  • Cross Doily
  • Garden(square motif)
  • Lovely Purple(doily)
  • Christmas Party(doily)
  • Bubble Flower(tiling motif)
  • Cheery Blossom(motif)
  • Blue Crown(small doily)
  • Lotus Flower(motif)
  • Allium(doily,cover)

Title: Our Tatting Lace Story
Author/Designer: Mint
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2017
Publisher: ???, Korea
Language: Korean, some English titles(cover, and pattern names)
Page Count: 74
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 7 1/2"
ISBN: 9791195098750

SUMMARY- Here are more new designers based in Korea! This book is a collection of five different women's work, all under the name "Mint". You get a photo of each designer along with some Korean text(and an English language email address) at the beginning of their section of the book. If their names are given, they are in Korean and I missed them. The diagrams are in color and easy to read, and there is a lovely variety of motifs and doilies to choose from. They are not shy about color, or being playful with technique. I was quite pleased to add this book to my collection.

Mint has a website: