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  • Strumenti di lavorco
  • Punti base
  • Movmenti base
  • Applicazione del pizzo
  • Consigli
  • Nodo contrario
  • Riore con il nodo contrario
  • 3 Modelli di Mignardise
  • Passamaneria con perline avorio
  • Tramezzo con trifogli
  • Tramezzo schiacciato
  • Rosellina con pippiolini lunghi
  • Stella con nodo contrario
  • Tramezzo, tondo e rombo
  • Tondo
  • Rombo con fili dorati
  • Ovale con cerchio contrario di finitura
  • Stella con 12 spolette
  • Stella Mignardise
  • Centro tondo di seta
  • Ovale di seta
  • Centrino trfoglio in seta
  • Coprivassoio Gigliuccio
  • Centro bianco con roselline diverse
  • Centrino ovale
  • Centro con punte
  • Ventaglio(fan)
  • Giacchino(cover)
  • Collana in filo oro e perline
  • Orecchini in filo oro e perline
  • Chiacchierino Tuscia
  • Fiocco
  • Grappolo d'uva
  • Anfora
  • Fiore

Title: Modelli di Chiacchierino Avanzato(Advanced Models of Tatting)
Author/Designer: Anna Meloni
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2001
Publisher: Il Castello, Milano, Italy
Page Count: 96
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9 1/2" x 6 3/4"
ISBN: 8880392085

SUMMARY- Pattern instructions are in written notation(Italian) and not broken down at all. You get wonderful photography throughout. There's some beautiful stuff in this book. A skilled tatter who is comfortable with more advanced techniques would be able to puzzle out the patterns - but I would not hand this book to a new tatter. The language barrier and lack of diagrams would be frustrating. I especially liked the fan, her grape cluster and leaves applique, and the floral applique with all the layered petals. I was really happy to receive a copy of this book!