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  • Some Thoughts on a Winter Day(poem)
  • Abbreviations
  • Additional Instructions
  • Harmony of Hearts Snowflake
  • Kaleidoscope Snowflake
  • Grandma's String of Pearls Snowflake
  • Itsy Bitsy Snowflake
  • Cherub's Wing Snowflake
  • Teeny Snowflake
  • Frosted FlowerSnowflake
  • Daisy ChainSnowflake
  • Feathered Star Snowflake
  • Winter Crystal Snowflake
  • Friendship(poem)
  • How to Use Your Snowflakes
  • About the Author
  • Notes
  • More Notes

Title: A Veritable Tatted Blizzard: 10 Patterns for Tatted Snowflakes Designed
Author/Designer: Samantha Melnychuk
Format/Publication Date: Sprlbnd:2000
Publisher: Self, Canada
Page Count: 32
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- Miss Melnychuk published this book when she was still a teenager living at home. It certainly doesn't show. The designs are lovely and the instructions well executed. They are well broken down for easy reading and follow standard symbolic notation - as well as having a clear diagram of each pattern. The photos are small black-and-white and a bit grainy - but still better than half the books I review. Her samples are blocked and show off well - I am very pleased to have run across this book. This was the first book of hers I've run across. I hope she is still tatting.

I was able to track down the designer and exchange e-mails with her. She is prospering, but has sadly had to give up tatting due to damage from a car accident to one of her hands. I hope she will at least keep her books in publication for other tatters to enjoy. I've made all the snowflakes in this one for my Snowflake sampler book, and am still very happy with it. I used size 20 Lizbeth "Blue Ice" for all of them, and encountered no difficulties. There are a few mistakes in the written directions, but a review of the diagram and sample picture will correct them. I highly recommend this book for small quick motifs.