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  • Ring
  • Chain
  • Shuttle Thread
  • Core Thread
  • Picots
  • Joining
  • Reverse and Turn
  • Cut and tie
  • Weaver's Knot
  • Chain
  • Abbreviations
  • Shoe Lace Trick
  • Lock Stitch
  • Flipped and Unflipped
  • Moving on with a Chain
  • Ring
  • Opening a closed ring
  • Hiding Ends
  • Practice Patterns:
    • Rever-C Chain
    • Snakes As Ladders
    • Hens and Chicks Edging
    • Butterflies(no pictures)
    • Linked Ring Bookmark
    • Drunkard's Path Edging
    • Canadian Sugar Maple Leaf(diagram only)
  • Index
  • Notes

Title: Shuttle Tatting Left Handed
Author/Designer: Gale Marshall
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2004
Publisher: Self, Ontario, Canada
Page Count: 32
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
ISBN: 0973690119

SUMMARY- She used black-and-white photography rather than color in this one, and her photos are cropped so tightly I feel I'm missing some of the action. I was really hopeful when I ordered this booklet - there aren't many instruction books floating around geared to teaching Southpaws. You get the same great beginner's patterns in this booklet as you get in her needle tatting instruction book. Shuttle tatting is such a difficult thing to teach with a book. I really wanted more illustrations and photos with this one - and in color so you can see where the thread is.

Ms. Marshall has an on-line supply shop: