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  • Introduction
  • What Is Celtic Tatting?
  • Tools I Use
  • The Patterns:
    • "Malin Head" Motif
    • Wee Celtic Heart
    • "Donegal Duet" Motif
    • "Fortingall" Doily
    • "Trumpan" Motif
    • "Glen Lyon" Bookmark
    • "Glen Lyon" Cross
    • "Glamis" Bookmark
    • "Craic" Doily
    • Celtic Snowflake
    • "To Be or Knot To Be" Doily

Title: Celtic Tatting Designs: 11 Patterns
Author/Designer: Mike Lyon
Format/Publication Date: PDF:2017
Publisher: Self, Owens Cross Roads, Alabama
Language: English
Page Count: 35
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I really love Celtic tatting and had been admiring the samples that Mr Lyon has been posting on Facebook. So I was truly delighted when he announced that he was putting some of his patterns into a book for people to buy. It turns out to be a PDF, but it prints out well, it was inexpensive, and the patterns are marvelous. He gives you short tutorial for making your own Celtic tatting shuttles(which need to be long and very narrow), then another explanation of his pinning board, which is used to aid in the weaving of the chains into Celtic patterns. You get eleven different designs - all look well made up. His diagrams are clear and show the weaving. He doesn't give complete written notation for the patterns, but I had no problem following along on his explanations. I wouldn't hand this book to a novice, but an experienced tatter should have no problems, and they look like a lot of fun!