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  • Popular Knots For the Beginner:
    Edgings #1-12
  • Your Guests Will Admire These Edges:
    Edgings #13-18
  • Choose Any of these Edges for Extra Chic:
    Edgings #19-25
  • Laces For Various Linens:
    Edgings #26-32
  • Beautiful Designs to Make Any Hostess Proud:
    Edgings #33-38
  • The Expert Will Find These Lacey Borders Fascinating:
    Edgings #39-44
  • Crisp White Edgings That Fall into the Limelight:
    Edgings #45-50
  • Intricate Designs That Add Charm Here and There:
    Edgings #51-56
  • Advanced Scholar Will Win Praise With Her Tatting Shuttle:
    Edgings #57-60
  • Prize Winning Numbers:
    Edgings #61-64
  • Two Tones That Will Dress Your Guest Bedroom:
    Edgings #65-68
  • Edges That Will Adapt Themselves to Doilies:
    Edgings #69-70
  • Instructions

Title: Edgings For All: Book No. 101
Author/Designer: Mary E Lynn
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1940ish?
Publisher: Self
Language: English
Page Count: 14
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/2" x 7 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I ran across this little booklet by chance among a large lot of Coats & Clark books on ebay. It has seventy(70) edging patterns, starting with the most simple single ring/no chaining to more sophisticated work. None of her edgings offer corners with the straightaway, and most can be created in a single pass. She uses written notation and her sample layouts with pattern instructions in small blocks next to the black-and-white photos mimics exactly the layout of the thread books that American Thread Co. and Coats & Clark were producing by the 1940's. She endorsed no thread company, nor did she copyright date it or print anywhere the source of publication, so this is one of those mystery books that pop up from time to time that likely had a very small print run and was self-published and self-distributed.

She advertised her next book "Miscellaneous Tatting, Collars and Doilies, Book No. 102", but I do not know if it ever made it in to print. Because of the rarity and age of this book, I'm going to provide a pdf of it for everyone: