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  • Easy Celtic Patterns
  • Two Strand Celtic Edging
  • Celtic Knot Leaf
  • Celtic Spear Head Pendant
  • Victorian Shade Pull
  • Advanced Tatting Patterns:
    Celtic Hearts Edging,
    Celtic Hearts Wreath,
    Celtic Arch,
    Celtic Tatted Watch Band,
    Celtic Cross,
    Celtic Cross 2
  • Celtic Capital Letters

Title: Tatted Garden Alphabet: Letters from an Irish Country Cottage Garden
Author/Designer: Rozella F. Linden
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2013
Publisher: Linden Publishing, Lebanon, OH
Page Count: 35
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 9781492391487

SUMMARY- Ms. Linden had already done a gorgeous Celtic knotwork alphabet, and has now added a second amazing alphabet on an entirely different theme. Instructions are well broken down and there are very good pictures of each of the motifs. It uses some advanced techniques, so this isn't for a beginner - but definitely something to aspire to. I was really happy to add her newest book to my collection.

There's a great tutorial on for cluny leaves, which are an important ingredient for the alphabet. It's really hard to learn this technique from a book, so I recommend going to the video tutorial and watching it a few times before giving it a try yourself. It is worth the effort. This one added element makes a solid design absolutely amazing to look at!

I got a lovely e-mail from Ruth, and permission to pass information on from it(Thank you, Ruth!):

Mrs. Perry has a new website:

"My pen name, Rozella Florence Linden, was chosen because I did not want to publish a book with my x husband's last name. It is my grandmother's first name, my mother's middle name and my sister's favorite tree. Both of my grandmothers tatted, and my sister and I learned from our mother. For my first 20 years or so everyone I knew who tatted was in my family, or had been taught by someone in my family. Tatting was a "lost art" and almost no one knew how to do it.

I had promised my grandmother that I would not let the art of tatting disappear. I think I have done my part, but back in the 1950s when I learned there were NO tatting books available, just a few booklets fromt he thread companies and pattern in Workbasket. Patterns were passed down from person to person, and many tatters just kept a notebook of what they knew how to tat. I tried to find a tatting book through the library loan program at my local public library and was told there were NO books on tatting available anywhere. Things have changed, and I truly enjoy seeing all the many wonderful books available today. I have tried to encourage new designers, and new tatters."

"I revised by self-published books so that they would be available in print when I can no longer do the self-publishing. I added patterns, corrected misprints, and added/improved photos where necessary to make the books more complete and easier to understand.

I am currently working on putting as many of my patterns into book collections as I can so that the Patterns will always be available.