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  • Frivolité es un ARTE
  • Bonitas Orillas para Usos Diversos(11 edgings)
  • Bonitas Orillas para Cuello(2 collar edgings)
  • Orillas de Enchantamiento(11 edgings)
  • Delicadas Orillas para Pañuelos(3 handkerchief edgings)
  • Puntas para Toallas(2 edgings)
  • Flores para Vestido(3 boutineres)
  • Flor para Solapa(flower spray)
  • Cuello Redondo(collar)
  • Orillas Variadas(3 edgings)
  • Pañuelos Sueños de Waltz
  • Cuello en Forma de V(collar)
  • Orillas para Pañuelos(5 handkerchief edgings)
  • Aretes(flower spray earrings)
  • Bonitas Carpetas para la cinarola de pan(2 oval bread tray doily)
  • Juego de Puños y Cuello(Collar and Cuff Set)
  • Juego para Sillones(chair set)
  • Juego Para Cocktail(glass doily,napkin)
  • Juego de Tocador(oval and round mignonette doilies)
  • Dos Preciosas Carpetas(2 small round doilies)
  • Juego de Refrescos(refreshment set)
  • Servilleta para la Cinarola del Pan(tray doily)
  • Elegante Carpeta(diamond table runner)
  • Servilleta para la Cinarola del Pan(tray mat)
  • Servicio para Cuatro Personas(Placemat)
  • Carpeta con centro de Tela(linen center doily)
  • Centro Hoja Fantasia(onion ring mat)
  • Juego Individual para Mesa(checkerboard refreshement set)
  • Juego Individual para Mesa(place setting)
  • Aplicaciones Varia(10 motifs)
  • Preciosa Carpetita de Centro(large rosette doily)
  • Centro Flores y Hojas(doily)
  • Carpeta Rayos de Sol(doily)
  • Aplicaciones Para Usos Diversos(9 motifs)

Title: Album de Frivolité
Author/Designer: Not Given
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1947
Publisher: Libros y Revistas, S.A. Mexico
Language: Spanish
Page Count: 81
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 1/4" x 7 7/8"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- These are Coats & Clark patterns with the serial numbers filed off, sorta. They made free use of the Spool Cotton Company's iconic "Tatting Bird" and I recognized several of the sample photos. This was published on very cheap paper, and so does not hold up well with age. The free digital download wasn't done very carefully, so I'm going to be putting together a pdf of my own since it is no longer under copyright. Feel free to contact me for a copy if you need it.

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