Cover Image Property of PUBLISHER
This image was scanned from my private collection

Cover Image Property of PUBLISHER
This scan was donated to the bibliography by Michelle Kosek


  • Abbreviations
  • How-to Instructions
  • Edgings
  • Tree Top Ornament
  • Motifs #1 through #31
  • Round Collar and Cuffs- "Sunflower"
  • V-Nec Collar and Cuffs- "Victoriana"
  • Necklace- "Fuchsia"
  • Necklace- "Balsam"
  • Necklace- "Forget-Me-Not"
  • Pincushion- "Sunbeam"
  • Pincushion- "Primrose"
  • Pincushion- "Dianthus"
  • Pincushion- "Princess"
  • Pincushion- "Summer"
  • Notepaper- "Sweet William"
  • Notepaper- "Delphinium"
  • Notepaper- "Carnation"
  • Basic Pincushion
  • Maintenance and Laundering
  • How to Starch

Title: Tatting For Today
Author/Designer: Marion T. Leyds
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1980
Publisher: The DMC Corporation, Elizabeth, NJ
Page Count: 27
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This was one of the first tatting books I ever owned - and I made many a Christmas present from its contents. The patterns are easy to read and there's a great black-and-white photo of each project with the instructions. I ran across a reprint of it and the owner kindly allowed a scan of the cover to be used here so that tatters with the original cover will know this is a reprint of the original if they should run across it. Thank you, Michelle!

Note from Leigh: I can recommend this book for beginners who want a book with lots and lots of patterns to choose from, that stick to traditional techniques so they can practice their basics. For the Motifs(31 of them!), the beginner will need to learn the folded join, which is different from the usual up-join that is most commonly used, otherwise the last picot that joins your last ring to your first ring will be twisted! There are great tutorials for this on YouTube and Craftree. It's not hard, but not intuitive either, so if you don't know what I'm talking about already, go look it up.