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  • Pour Faire des Merveilles de Finesse et de Preciosite
  • 1. (4)petites bordures á une navette
  • 2. (16)bordures simples
  • 3. (4)bordures á variantes
  • 4. (4)bordures composées de motifs(edgings made of motifs)
  • 5. (5)bordures prestigieuses(edgings with corners)
    • Géométrie
    • Les boutons de fleur
    • Les tulipes
    • Générosité
    • Exubérance
  • 6. (15)dentelles pour mains de fées(deeper edgings with corners)
    • Les Coquilles
    • Les Roues
    • Les Rosaces
    • Couronne de fleurs
    • Les Arabesques
    • Les Méandres
    • Les Boucles
    • Les Tréfles
    • Trois Fleurs
    • Les Résilles
    • Bijou
    • Givre
    • Les Roses
    • Somptuosite
    • Charme
  • 7. (2)faciles, les petits napperons bordés de dentelle(curved edgings)
    • Sangria
    • Whisky
  • 8. (3)set de table pour jours de fête
    • Napperon pour corbeille á pain
    • Set de Table et serviette "Les Muguets"
    • Corne d'abondance(includes embroidery cornucopia)
  • 9. (5)napperons de tulle(edgings around tulle)
    • Prestige
    • Elégance
    • Merveille
    • Dérémonie
    • Splendeur
  • 10. (5)napperons entiérement réalisés en frivolités(doilies)
    • Napperon carré "Fer Forgé"
    • Napperon composé de 7 motifs
    • Napperon rectangulaire "Marguerites et Pâquerettes"
    • Napperon ovale "Les Tourbillons"
    • Napperon Octogonal

Title: 1000 Mailles Frivolites(1000 Mesh Tattings)
Author/Designer: Madame et Chére Lectrice
Format/Publication Date: TPB:19??
Publisher: Les Aditions de Saxe S.A. Lyon, France
Page Count: 49
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 7 1/8"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I haven't been this excited about the quality and variety of patterns in a book since my first Mary Konior book. This book sings Elegant and Beautiful at the top of its operatic-sized lungs. Written in French, that doesn't really matter because you get all the patterns in diagram form(sort of). Each pattern has a drawn illustration of each individual stitch and join. Your eyes have to be sharp enough to count the stiches in the illustration yourself, but it is easier than trying to read the patterns in French if you don't have that language. You don't have to translate a diagram - it's like the designer gave you the already worked sample to use as a template. I borrowed this book from the IOLI Library and so happy I did. Now I've got to find a copy for myself. I give this one a very enthusiastic two thumbs up!

Ps- There arenít 1000 patterns in the book Ė Iím guessing it is referring to how many stitches there are? But that isnít correct either Ė way too many patterns for there only to be 1000 stitches. That and the publication date are a mystery to meÖ