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Title: Orkidé Frivolitetsmönster
Author/Designer: Sara Lawergren
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1955,19??
Language: Swedish
Page Count: 32; 14
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): (1955)???; (19??)8 1/4" x 5 3/4"
ISBN: none; 19??:9185168033

SUMMARY- I have a much reduced (less than half the pages) edition of Ms. Lawergren's one tatting book, originally published in Sweden in 1955. There is no copyright date on the reprint I have, but there is a ten number long ISBN on the back cover, and a LACIS sticker on the front cover. I wish I had the original edition - something still to look for. There is a two page tutorial(in Swedish), 6 traditional edgings, a 12cm doily, a tiling motif, four necklaces and a choker, a lovely tiara, a 22cm doily, an 18x31cm table scarf that is beautiful, an 18cm doily, and a 26.5cm doily. Patterns are fairly traditional. I would love to see the rest.

Sara Lawergren actually has a Wiki page:

"Sara Fredrika Lawergren, born July 23, 1919 in Visby parish on Gotland , a Swedish advertising illustrator and textile designer and author woman to a number of known and scattered publications about textile crafts issued from 1940 to the mid-1980s in many editions. Her book Bomärket has been printed in more than 30 editions and more than 200 000 copies..."