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This image was scanned from my personal library. This is the Finnish Cover. The German cover is brown.


  • Käpyily-ja Solmeilutyöt
  • Solmeilu(knotting)

Title: Frivolitaten und Knupf-Arbeiten - eine Anleitung zum Erlernen der Frivolitaten - und Knupfarbeit(Tatting and Knit-Craft- A Guide to Learning Tatting and Knitting)
Author/Designer: Margarete Lang, Edith Wallach
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1923
Publisher: German edition(1923): Ullstein, Berlin, Germany;
                 Finnish edition(1925): Otava, ???
Languages: German(brown cover), Finnish(orange cover)
Page Count: 52ish
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 7 3/4" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- There's a lot to recommend this book, despite the potential language barrier. It does have diagrams, but if you're using the free pdf version of it, you'd better have a good magnifying glass. The diagrams have been reduced to 33% of their original size in order to make them printable on the average printer which can only handle letter-size paper. There's beaded tatting, crochet chains, true chains, netting inclusions, ornate insertions, traditional motifs, exquisite collars, clever weaving of long picots to resemble hairpin lace, onion rings, block tatting - lots of block tatting - and lots of beautiful and elaborate edgings, as well as a few classic doilies. And that's the first half of the book. The second half of the book is titled simply "Knotting" and is chiefly what we now call macramé. The macramé chapter includes some needle lace, but the instructions for that appear to be very perfunctory, and possibly nonexistant - Google translate does not handle Finnish well, and I don't have access to the German edition yet.