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Title: Frivolité(Book 1)
Author/Designer: Nina Kurbatskaya
Format/Publication Date: HC:1999
Publisher: Kul-tura i tradisitsil, Russia
Page Count: 100
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 5864440701

SUMMARY- The text is in Cyrillic, but Ms. Kurbatskaya diagrams her patterns and those can be read by anybody! If you run across any of her books, grab them. They're packed with patterns, with enough color pages to show you how much this designer loves making color an extra dimension of her work, but with most of it in black-and-white photography that never-the-less shows off her work well. She uses enough unusual design elements - or old elements used in fresh ways to really make her designs pop. There are nine(9) deep collars, fifteen(15) different doilies/Centerpieces(and one is a rare pineapple!), a blouse, (2)bags, two(2) motifs for a table runners, a place mat(tiling motif with a cornered edging), three(3) matching place mat/napkin edgings, two(2) curtain edgings, seventeen(17) cornered edgings, and round motif edging/insertion, a couple of throw pillow covers, floral motifs for a flower bowl collage and used as insertions for a flowering tree on curtains - and this is just the first book. Ms. Kurbatskaya may well be one of my new favorites!

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