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Title: FRIVOLITE: Stupeni Masterstva(TATTING: Levels of Excellence)
Author/Designer: T.A. Klejmenova
Format/Publication Date: HC:1999
Publisher: Paritet, St. Petersburg, Russia
Page Count: 240
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 3/4" x 6 3/4"
ISBN: 5934370189

SUMMARY- Ms(?). Klejmenova uses split rings and bare thread where chains would normally be to set a style uniquely her own. Her fabrics often incorporate mignonette that fools the eye into thinking the ring elements are floating in formation, and she is very fond of what I think of as "wheat ears". Her denser fabrics are very dense. There are a set of color plates tipped in a third of the way through the book, showing some of her pieces in color. She sticks mainly to one color in a project, with occasional teases of contrasting color in about a third of the represented samples. The entire book is in Cyrillic, but she does provide illustrations, and diagrams with the rings numbered so you know where to start and can trace your path. She doesn't include the knot counts for her rings on the diagrams. The patterns are in symbolic notation, though, so once you get used to her notation, you shouldn't have any trouble working the patterns. Despite the linguistic acrobatics, I think this book is well worth pursuing a copy. I don't often see mignonette used so effectively, and she makes it look effortless - the sign of a true master.