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  • CHAPTER I: Edging
  • CHAPTER II: Motif
    Materials & Tolls
    Point Lesson
  • Title: Tatting Lace 101: Edging & Motif Ideas
    Author/Designer: Sumie, Filigne, ???, ???, ???, ???
    Format/Publication Date: TPB:2017
    Publisher: NihonVogue, Japan
    Page Count: 80
    Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/4" x 8 1/4"
    ISBN: 9784529056953

    SUMMARY- The Table of Contents are pretty bare compared to the actual contents of the book. There's some really exquisite work in this one - by all six designers represented in its pages. I would compare the edging collection up there with Mary Konior's best work - I'm not kidding. If you like edgings, this is a collection not to miss. There are motifs here I find elegant and unusual as well. The photography is beautiful, but doesn't have the clarity I normally associate with the Japanese craft books - still good enough to take a guess at if you find the diagrams unclear. I'm going to break down what patterns belong to each of the six designers. Maybe someone can contact me and fill in the names for us?

    Tiled Coaster of alternating "filled" and "open" tiles
    (7)Edgings, one uses the alternating tiles of the coaster, three incorporate beading - all seven are strongly appealing
    Earring/Bracelet/Necklace Set

    Ring and Necklace
    Candle Holder- traditional 4-ring and chain
    Ornament- traditional
    (2)Tasseled Motifs
    (5) Motifs

    Flower Motif Necklace
    Ring Pillow(small 6-petal motif applique)

    (2)Earring Sets- traditional
    Motif to decorate candle

    Edging for Clothing

    Beaded Edging for Tea Cozy
    (4)Edgings- 3 with beading, one with block tatting that looks almost like crochet
    Motif for decorating a cannister
    (5)Motifs- 1 a cross