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  • Large Round Centerpiece/Tablecloth(cover)
  • Doily
  • Mat made of tiling 8pt Medallions
  • Table Runner with square tiles and a center made of long running split ring chains
  • Large Doily in two colors
  • Diamond two color tiled doily
  • Two-Color Doily
  • Two-Color Hexagon Doily
  • Pinwheel Doily
  • Square Leaf Doily
  • Large Round Doily
  • Rectangle Two-Color Place Mat
  • Table Runner
  • Triangle Motif for Hexagon and (2)Diamond Doilies
  • Ladder Motif for cute Purses
  • Four More Purse Patterns
  • Linen with edging and Butterfly in Corner
  • Linen with edging and Hairpin Lace Fan in Corner
  • (4)Linen with edging and corners
  • (8)Collars
  • (4)Necklaces with Beads
  • 3D Violets, Stargazer Lily, Boutenir, Sunflower, Aster(?)
  • Gallery of amazing stuff she doesn't give you the patterns for

Title: Title
Author/Designer: Hisayo Sugita
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2009(?)
Publisher: ???, China
Language: Chinese
Page Count: 62
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 3/4" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: ???

SUMMARY- I now own the book and I Still can't tell you who the publisher was or what the ISBN number is(if it has one). It is entirely in Chinese. Stitch counts aren't on the diagrams, but she uses symbolic notation in her instructions, and for some reason, chose to use "R" and "C" to denote rings and chains rather than the Chinese equivalent. If you can match up the notation with the diagrams, you should be able to work many of the patterns - and wow are they worth the trouble. She incorporates color into a lot of her work, which reminds me of the gorgeous work of Ms. Fujito, and then there are the flowers that remind me strongly of another pioneer, To De Haan-van Beek. I loved the gallery of full-color photos of some of her other stuff - and miffed that they didn't also come with patterns. But there is a lot packed into the book, and if you're an experienced tatter, I think it really is a must-have.

If you are bilingual and can puzzle out the other bib info for me, please contact me. I'll send scans of the relevant pages and update this entry when I get the information from you.