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  • pink flower bracelet
  • yellow flower earring
  • orange flower earring
  • ivory flower earring
  • tassel bouquet earring
  • ivory flower bracelet
  • autumn color bracelet
  • blue flower bracelet
  • blue flower necklace
  • hexagon motif choker
  • berry necklace
  • berry bracelet
  • square motif belt
  • beads flower earring
  • double string flower necklace
  • cluny leaf motif
  • leaf bracelet
  • rose and leaf bracelet
  • pink rose necklace
  • daisy stole
  • daisy earring
  • natural flower necklace
  • white flower hair accessory
  • pearl flower necklace
  • colorful flower bag
  • leaf brooch
  • leaf earring
  • purse pendant necklace

Title: Flower Motif Tatting
Author/Designer: Peikko(Takako Kitano)
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2015
Publisher: Bunka Publishing Bureau, Japan
Page Count: 92
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8" x 7 1/4"
ISBN: 9784579115198

SUMMARY- Most of the motifs are fairly simple but nicely arranged. The necklace on the cover is a great example. The instructions are in Japanese, but the table of contents are in English. There are diagrams. She uses cluny leaves and split ring in this one, along with what looks like inverted tatting. It's the most sophisticated design work I've seen from this artist so far, but still simple enough in style to work up quickly. I like the style of this designer's work, and look forward to seeing more from her.

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