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  • SECTION I: Gemstone
  • SECTION II: Celtic
  • SECTION III: Motif I Circle
  • SECTION IV: Beads
  • SECTION V: Motif II Onion Ring
  • SECTION VI: Blades Block
  • SECTION VII: Split Ring
  • SECTION VIII: Motif III Square
  • Collection JEWELRY BOX
  • Lesson 1-4
  • One Point
  • Video Lessons QR Code

Title: Filigne Tatting Lace Collection
Author/Designer: Chiaki Irei
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2018
Language(s): Japanese
Publisher: Nihon Vogue, Japan
Page Count: 80
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/4" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: 9784529057813

SUMMARY- Ms. Irei is a shuttle tatter. Her instructions are in Japanese, though she does translate the section titles. Her tutorials give plenty of pictures, so if you're adventurous and don't already know all the more advanced techniques she uses, you can probably puzzle them out. She has a website where her video tutorials are located, and she gives you a code in the book you can scan with your phone to take you there. This feature has been popping up of late - I first saw it in a Korean book - and I think it will be very handy for as long as the websites stay up. It may not be a perk that stands the test of time, but for now it is quite handy! She gives diagrams, and starts with basic motifs and works her way up to more sophisticated fare pretty quickly. She likes beads but doesn't go too crazy with them, and plays with a lot of different techniques to demonstrate what can be done with them. I like this book except for one small thing - your mileage may obviously vary on this - but the photos, while pretty, are a touch out of focus and are a little too artsy with textured backgrounds and chunks of stuff that don't always show the actual tatting to full advantage. This completely disappears in her tutorials - there she is all business. It's a minor issue in this book, and certainly not one that would have kept me from buying it if I'd had a chance to look through it first. I really love what she does with Celtic features, block tatting, and rosettes/onion rings in particular.

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