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Title: Shuttle Lace: Tatting & Bead Tatting 3
Author/Designer: Mituko Ikuta
Format/Publication Date: HC:1995
Publisher: Japan Publications, Japan
Page Count: 81
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 7 1/2"
ISBN: 4773900016

SUMMARY- This is the third of Ms. Ikuta's series of tatting books, but the first one I've seen. The Table of Contents are in Japanese, so I'll give the list of patterns here: Mushroom appliques, two(2) different owl appliques - both look great, a linen center doily and coaster, Collar and Jabot, two(2) vests, several necklaces, small pins(3D flowers), an Angel applique, not-so-simple flowers for stationery, 3 round medallions, the pinwheel medallion you see on the cover, a fan applique(or bookmark), and some strip bookmarks.

There's a wide diversity of patterns, and they are all well executed and attractive. You get a short gallery of color photos of all the samples at the beginning of the book, then the rest of the book is black-and-white photos and illustrations. Instructions are in Japanese, of course, but you also get diagrams, making this an appealing book internationally. Her books are pricey - $50 and up, but this one at least is available for borrowing from the IOLI lending library. I'd check it out to see if her designs appeal to you before laying out that much cash. She does something very different with picots for the stationery flowers that makes me really wish I could read japanese. The diagram doesn't help me much in figuring out exactly what she is doing to get her picots to leap frog like they do(no, it isn't the extra long picot making an attractive double picot joined to another stitch down the ring). A new technique might just be worth the price of admission if you are a little more clever than me.