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Title: Touching Lace
Author/Designer: Teiko Fujito
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1989
Publisher: Nihon Vogue, Ltd., Japan
Page Count: 56
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/4" x 8 1/2"
ISBN(13): 9784529015073
ISBN(10): 4529015073

SUMMARY- There are five(5) color photos and the rest of the photos are very crisp black-and-white. You get a bunch of square mat motifs, ten(10!) gorgeous collars, 29 narrow edgings - five(5) with beading, ten(10) small motifs, a few curved edgings to go around linen doilies, motifs to decorate pillows and the edges of linen runners, and examples of motifs and edgings used to decorate satin and velvet bags. The patterns you get diagrams and instructions(written in Japanese) for are numbered in the photos, so you can match up photographed example with the diagrams, which are in two separate sections of the book. You do get photos of projects that you don't get instructions for. Ms. Fujito's work is as striking for her use of color as for her genius for design, so I was a bit dissapointed that this book was mostly black-and-white, but this was early days yet in her tatting career(she was only 55 when this one was published). I'm a big fan of Ms. Fujito's work, and this brings you more examples of her exquisite work - I was particularly enchanted with the large assortment of feminine dress/blouse collars.

Her work in this one is very traditional, so anyone with a solid grounding in the basics should be able to follow the diagrams.

Note from Leigh: The copyright mark is succeeded with the name "T. Seto" on the back of the book. I didn't know if this was a pen name, her maiden name, or the publisher. So I did what any intelligent person who doesn't have contacts in Japan would do. I asked Georgia! Georgia Seitz had a friend in Japan who was able to do some sleuthing. "T. Seto" is Mr. Tadanobu Seto, the former president of NihonVogue. I bought what I thought was a cro-tatting book from the same time period with the same copyright mark, and wasn't sure if that book wasn't also a Fujito book I had not been aware of. This turned out not to be the case. (It was one of Toshiko Takashima's hook tatting books). Thank you, Georgia and Mr. Tazaki, for clearing up the mystery!