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  • Matériel(Equipment)
  • le Double noeud(Double Ring)
  • Endroit et envers(Location and Upside Down)
  • Lecture des modeles(Reading the Models)
  • Les finitions(Finishes)
  • Le blocage(The Blocking)
  • Comment défaire(How to Undo)
  • Ajouter du fil(Add Thread)
  • Les picots(Picots)
  • Les raccords(Fittings)
  • Les perles(Pearls)
  • Le double feston(The Double Festoon)
  • Frivolité a deux navettes(Tatting has Two Shuttles)
  • Anneau joséphine(The Josephine Ring)
  • Anneaux superposés(Bunk Rings)
  • Anneaux entrelacés(Interlaced Rings)
  • Pavé en frivolit´(Paved in Tatting)
  • Cabochon méthode Lilas(Cabochon Method Lilas)
    • Motif carré(Square Motif)
    • Boule de Noël Yathusa(Yathusa Christmas Ball)
    • Col Claudine(*)
    • Motif Claudine(Claudine's Motif)
    • Manchette(*)
    • Grand napperon(Grand Doily)
    • Pendentif cabochon(Cabochon Pendant)
    • Collier géométrique(Geometric Necklace)
    • Marque-page(Bookmark)
    • Collier fleurettes(Flower Necklace)
    • Collier Manilva(Necklace)
    • Manchette Perlée(Beaded Bracelet)
    • Napperon a motifs répétés(Tiling Motif for Placemat)
    • Boucles d'oreille papillon(Butterfly Earrings)
    • Bouton
    • Bracelet d'oreille carrées(Square Earring)
    • Parure
    • Napperon romantique(Romantic Doily)
    • Napperon a motifs coeur(Heart Pattern Placemat)
    • Boucles d'oreille Satine(PreciousEarrings)
    • Boucles d'oreille précieuses(Earrings)
    • Boucles d'oreille 13(Earrings 13)
    • Boucles d'oreille orphrys(Earrings)
    • Adorables boucles d'oreille(Adorable Earrings)
    • Collier cabochon(Cabochon Necklace)
    • Boucles d'oreille orchidée(Orchid Earrings)

Title: Noeud apres noeud la dentelle de Frivolité(Knot After Knot Tatting Lace)
Author/Designer: Lilas (Corinne) Joublot
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2019
Publisher: Self, Normandie, France
Language: French
Page Count: 54
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 3/4" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- The designer prefers the nickname Lilas, rather than her given name. The patterns are mostly jewelry with a few doilies for larger projects. She likes to play with a wide variety of design elements, including beads, folded rings, and layered rings. She is generous with color illustrations. There are 26 patterns in this book, all of them attractive. She gives color-coded diagrams backed up with symbol notation. Written instructions are all in French. She loves beads, large and small, and incorporates them in all of her jewelry pieces. I don't have a lot of the French tatting books - I just don't run across that many, even though I know there Must be many of them out there. I've done my best to translate the Table of Contents(My translations are in parentheses).

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