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  • Bell Information
  • Large Bell Cover
  • Small Bell Diamond
  • Small Bell Ruffle Cover
  • Small Bell Pearl Cover
  • Small Bell Bear
  • Large Bell Tree
  • Small Bell Wreath
  • Small Bell Pink Angel
  • Small Bell Turquoise Angel
  • Small Bell Blue Angel
  • Large Bell Skirt
  • Large Bell Heart
  • Large Round Bell Cascade
  • Large Round Bell Snowman
  • Small Bell Flower
  • Small Bell Candy Cane
  • Small Bell Holly
  • Large Bell Loopy Cover
  • Small Bell Flower
  • Small Bell Bird
  • Small Round Bell Double Flower
  • Small Round Bell 4-Points
  • Large Round Bell Ornamental
  • Small Round Bell Cross
  • Small Round Bell Ornament
  • Terms and Techniques

Title: Ornament Tatting, Book 2: with Bells
Author/Designer: Heather Ann Johnston
Format/Publication Date: PDF:2003
Publisher: Self, Hastings, PA
Page Count: 29
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- Nice collection of 25 ornaments. There are no diagrams in this one, but she uses clear symbolic notation that is well broken down and easy to read. She uses two styles of jingle bell in two sizes, and a bell is incorporated into each design. She warns you that the bell is for ornamental purposes, and may lose its ability to ring while incorporated into the design. This is my favorite of her books. I particularly like the "Small Bell Holly" and " Small Bell Candy Cane". She uses beads and feathers in a few of the designs, and some more advanced techniques.

Mrs. Johnston has a website: