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Title: Frivolité
Author/Designer: E.V. Ignatova
Format/Publication Date: HC:2013
Publisher: Folio, Russia
Page Count: 217
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 6 3/4" x 5 1/4"
ISBN: 9789660354227

SUMMARY- I'm always curious what directions designers in other countries are taking the art of tatting. I lucked into two Russian hardcovers mailed to me from Germany. This was one of them. It is all in Cyrillic alphabet, including the written instructions, but with the help of an online source for translating the Russian phonetically, I think I've got the author's name. If I haven't, and you know the correct spelling, please contact me so I can correct this. This is an interesting book of contrasts. It's small in dimension, but has over 200 pages. It is a hardcover - but the paper used for most of the interior pages has the characteristics of newsprint. The heart on the cover looks like bobbin lace to me - but it is all about tatting inside. And there are some really lovely pieces both in jewelry sets and in clothing articles. The instructions are in (Cyrillic)written notation, but there are quite a few diagrams as well - and those work in any language. Split ring is employed in a lot of the designs. I would never hand this book to a beginner, but for an experienced tatter, there is plenty here to explore.