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  • Principal Stitches in Tatting
  • Border
  • Centerpiece in Tatting and Crochet
  • Tatted Delicacies(3 doilies)
  • Doily with Wide Edge
  • Table Settings - 1946
  • Tatted Novelties:
    Napkin Ring in Lattice Pattern
  • Dress Accessories:
    Collar and Cuff Set,
    Net Jabot in Tatted Applique,
    Belt with Tatted Trimming
  • 1946 Bureau Doilies(oval, round
  • Shuttlebutt, Tatting with Myrtle(Hamilton):
    4 1/2" Tumbler Doily,
    15" Doily,
    12" Plate Doily,
    7 1/2" Bread&Butter Plate Doily
  • 1934 Butterflies(3)
  • Doily with Edge of Tatting Braid
  • Daisy Yoke
  • 1925 (5)Edgings and (2)Motifs
  • Novel Linens for the Lunch and Dinner Table
  • Rose Garden Centerpiece
  • Tatting by Dora Young(brief history,shuttle examples)
  • Rosary(Dora Young)
    Butterfly(Dora Young)
  • POEMS:
    "The Royal Tatter", by Charles Sedley(1704)
    "The Knotting Song", by Sir Charles Sedley(1694)
  • Tatted Neckwear(1915):
    4 Collars(1 with matching cuff)
  • Pretty Tatted Gifts:
    Opera Bag
    Baby Bonnet
    (2)Insertions for Towels
    Star Doily
  • (4)Tatted Edgings
  • (4 Edgings)To Be Used on Altar Cloth or Handkerchief
  • 1905 Border for Handkerchief
  • 1889 Fairy Queen(edging)
  • With the Tatting Shuttle:
    1939 Waist Design
  • Dainty Tatted Yoke
  • 1925 Tatted Scarf

Title: Old Time Tatting: A New Collection of Tatting Patterns!
Author/Designer: Not given
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1982
Publisher: House of White Birches, Inc., Seabrook, NH
Page Count: 46
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- For the most part, you don't get who the designers were - most of the patterns were pulled from out-of-copyright publications. You do get an interesting article by Dora Young(and a plug for her latest book), as well as a reprint of a few of Myrtle Hamilton's doilies. There's a really cool eclectic mix of patterns in this book. My copy is pretty yellowed, so the photos have darkened and are harder to see - the paper quality is pretty low - but a fun find all the same.