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  • Explanation of Stitches
  • Chemise Yoke with cluny leaves(crochet)
  • Cluny Yoke(crochet)
  • Medallion Corset-Cover Yoke(crochet)
  • Nightgown Yoke(crochet)
  • Corset-cover Yoke with Front Closing in Relief Rose Design(crochet)
  • Wild Rose Design Nightgown Yoke(filet crochet)
  • Medallion Corset-cover or Chemise Yoke(filet crochet)
  • Corset-cover Yoke(crochet)
  • Nightgown Yoke with Sleeves in Novelty Braid(crochet)
  • Roses Round Nightgown Yoke(filet crochet)
  • Daisies Corset-cover Yoke(filet crochet)
  • Yoke in Knot Stitch(crochet)
  • Corset-cover Yoke in Cluny(crochet)
  • Nightgown Yoke with Rickrack Braid(crochet)
  • Yoke in Spider-Web and Filet(crochet)
  • Yoke in Novelty Braid(crochet)
  • Star Flower Design Corset-cover Yoke(crochet)
  • Wild Rose Design Nightgown Yoke(filet crochet)
  • Filet Yoke(crochet)
  • Nightgown Yoke in Maltese(crochet)
  • Yoke in Filet(crochet)
  • Square Yoke for Corset-cover or Chemise(filet crochet)
  • Pineapple Corset-Cover Yoke(crochet)
  • Lingerie Tapes(crochet)
  • Beadings in the Popular Rose Design(crochet)
  • Yoke with Kimono Sleeves(filet crochet)
  • Ribbon Design Yoke with Sleeves(filet crochet)
  • Floral Design Yoke with Two Sleeve Edgings(filet crochet)
  • Yoke for child's Dress(filet crochet)
  • Butterfly Design Misses' Nightgown Yoke(filet crochet)
  • Square Yoke for Child's Dress(filet crochet)
  • Square Yoke for Child's Dress(filet crochet)
  • Corset-cover Yoke in Two colors(tatting)
  • Round Yoke for Nightgown(tatting)
  • Yoke in one or two Colors(tatting)
  • Yoke for Corset-cover or Chemise(tatting)
  • Square Neck Yoke(tatting)
  • Yoke with Novelty Braid(tatting)

Title: The Yoke Book: A Collection of Beautiful Designs in Crochet and Tatting
Author/Designer: Not given
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1981
Publisher: House of White Birches, Inc., Seabrook, NH
Page Count: 47
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- You get six tatted yokes in this book. No designers were given. You get grainy Black-and-white photographs and written notation in big blocks(hard to read that way) throughout. Still, the patterns are lovely, and if you crochet as well, this is a bonanza of patterns.