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  • (6)Some Attractive and Useful Designs in Tatted Trims(Clara Haase)
  • (9)Crocheted Laces for a variety of Uses
  • Attractive Variation of the Antique Pattern for Pillow-Cover or Centerpiece(crochet,Mrs. T.H. Decker)
  • Emblem Pillow, Order-of-Elks Design(filet,Mary Card)
  • Handsome Centerpiece or Between-Meal Cloth(crochet,Mrs. M.E. Dodson)
  • Border for Doily or Centerpiece, Pineapple Design(Mrs. L.K. Hunt)
  • Crocheted Bags, Unusual and Good-Looking
  • Organdy Collar-and-Cuff Set, with Tatted Trim of Two Colors
  • Tatted Doily or Centerpiece of Unusual and Lovely Design(Mildred Thompson)
  • Masonic Emblem, the Double-Headed Eagle of Thirty-Second Degree(filet,W.F. Mellott)
  • Water Bottle Doily
  • (6)Crocheted Edgings of Pretty, Serviceable Patterns(Euphemia Tainsh)
  • Dianty Handkerchief Is a Delightful Gift(crochet,Mrs. G.L. Morris)
  • Towel or Scarf Insertion(filet,Carol Cox)
    • Lace in Filet-Crochet(Mrs. Martha Adkins)
    • Diagonal Point-Lace(Edith Beltzhoover)
    • Elice Edging(Eugenia R. Pinkney)
    • Abbyville Lace(Eugenia R. Pinkney)
    • (Mrs. F.R. Trude)
    • (Mrs. R.H. Baer)
    • (Mrs. R.F. Clark)
    • (Mrs. Flora Brantingham)
  • Favorite Butterfly Motif(crochet,Mrs. Amelia Richard)
  • Tatted Border for Doilies or Luncheon Set(Mrs. S.R. Sims)
  • Fabot Lace(knitting,E.E. Doran)
  • Darned Net(Killa H. Mekeel)
  • Embroidery Lace Design(knitting,Ella S. Davis)
  • Cluster of Rose Leaves Strip for Quilt(knitting,E.E. Doran)
  • (4)Tatting Lends a Piquant Charm to Whatever It May Trim(Sudie Sherrod)
  • Scarf or Runner with Grapevine Pattern Ends(filet)
  • (5)Knitted Edgings and Lace(Frieda Bettex)
  • QUILT PATTERNS(patchwork,applique):
    • 490 Patchwork Blocks- all named
    • 40 Applique Blocks- all named
  • Designs Section 3:
    Inspirational designs, Initials, Decorative Borders, Edgings, Monograms

Title: 700 Olde Time Needlecraft Designs & Patterns
Author/Designer: see Table of Contents
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1970
Publisher: House of White Birches, Seabrook, NH
Page Count: 78
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I was torn on whether to type out the entire list of 530 quilt blocks in the Table of Contents and decided that way lay madness. So if you are researching quilt blocks and really need to know if a particular block is shown in this booklet, email me, and I will grumble but look it up. This booklet doesn't give you the pattern pieces already measured out and ready to go - you'll have to divine the measurements from the postage stamp-sized sample they have in marching rows of half the book. The book is printed on the cheap quick-to-brown newsprint Tower Press/House of White Birches was so very fond of. The patterns are reprints from the Tower Press publication "Olde Time Needlework"
There is a hodgepodge of patterns in this booklet, many quite lovely. None of the tatting patterns are complicated, and are mostly fairly small edgings. Designers' names are in parentheses in the Table of Contents whenever the name was given with the pattern.