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  • Authors' Note
  • Abbreviations in GR-8 Patterns
  • Triangle Configurations
  • Front Side / Backside Tatting:
    • Thread Loops
    • Adding Second Thread
    • Filament Loops
  • Basic Tatting Designs - Three Ring Triangle (5:3):
    • Three Ring Triangle 54:4
    • Rings and Chain Triangle
    • Two outer Rings Triangle
    • Three outer Rings Triangle
  • Hexagon Adaptation:
    • 6 Sections w/ 2 Rings Triangle
    • 6 Sections w/ Trefoil Triangle
  • Self-closing Mock Rings:
    • 3 SCMR Triangle
    • 3-Ring w/SCMR Center Triangle
    • SCMR around Ring Triangle
    • 7 Ring SCMR Triangle
    • Tri-Center Triangle
    • Round Triangle w/ SCMR
    • Hearts Triangle
    • Inward Facing Front Side SCMR Triangle
    • Triangle w/ SCMRs
    • Hexagon Adaptation
    • Tri-SCMR Triangle
  • Chain Types
  • Chain around:
    • Chain Around SCMR Triangle
    • Chain Around Leaf Triangle
    • Overlap Triangle
  • Split Ring Tatting:
    • Split/Rings with Rings Triangle 1
    • Split/Rings with Rings Triangle 2
    • Split / Self-Closing Mock Ring
    • Split / Self-Closing Mock Ring Triangle
  • Pearl Tatting:
    • Pearl Tatted SCMR - Tridoily
    • Pearl Ring
    • Pearl Ring Triangle
  • Alternate Thread Tatting:
    • Alternate Thread w/ Rings Triangle
    • Alternate Thread Ring with 5 Rings over Picots Triangle
  • Double Stitches on Picots:
    • DSOP Triangle
  • Un-flipped Stitch Rings:
    • Un-flipped Stitch Ring Triangle
    • Un-flipped stitch Ring / Ring
    • Un-flipped Stitch Split / Ring
    • Un-flipped Stitch Split / Ring Triangle
  • Wrapped Ring:
    • Wrapped Ring Triangle
    • Wrapped Ring with Lock-stitch Chain Triangle
  • Split / Un-flipped Stitch / Self-Closing Mock Ring

Title: Tatting GR-8 Triangles
Author/Designer: Gary and Randy Houtz, The Shuttle Brothers
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2016
Publisher: Self, Bayfield, CO
Page Count: 70
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This is a project book centered around the advanced technique 'Self-closing Mock Ring(SCMR)' - effectively the technique used in needle tatting to make the rings. They chose to focus on one motif shape, the triangle. Instructions are well broken down and supported with lots of illustrations and patterns to practice with. You get fairly clear color pictures of each sample with hand drawn diagrams, and pattern instruction are well broken down and in symbolic notation. You can do some surprising things with SCMR, and they provide some solid designs that illustrate this very well. Focusing on triangles and all the ways you can put them together to make larger pieces is quite versatile, and this book does a great job of illustrating this. I was really happy I bought this book.

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