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  • Authors' note
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Patterns in general
  • Hand position for tatting the ATRings
  • Alternate Thread Rings:
    • ATRing elements
    • ATRs, A, B, and C
    • ATRings D, E, and F
  • Primary/Secondary thread comparison
  • Picot Variation:
    • ATRings G, H, I, and J
    • ATRings K, L, and M
    • ATRings N, O, and P
  • Add a Ring, ATRs Q and R:
    • ATRs S and T
  • Rings over Picots:
    • ATRs U and V
    • ATRs W and X
    • ATRs Y and Z
  • Blank Ring Variations:
    • AT Butterfly and AT Flower
    • AT Motif I
    • Green-Pink Variegated Motif
    • AT Red-Blue
  • Self-closing Mock Rings:
    • AT 4 Square
    • Blue-Green Motif
    • AT Fuscia Purple
    • 8-Point Motif
  • Gary's Flower and AT pink-green:
    • AT Green-Red w/ SCMR
    • AT Yellow-Green
    • AT Doily
  • Chain Around:
    • Jess's Necklace
  • Ring on Rings on Rings:
    • AT Square
  • Considering AT tatting w/ Sh3 mini shuttle:
    • AT Blue-Red
    • Blues Motif
    • 5-Ring Motif
    • AT Butterfly
  • Double Stitches on Picots(dsop):
    • Using the SCMR to change color of outer Ring
    • Edging on Linen
    • dsop Triangle
    • dsop Sunflower
  • Combining dsop and AT techniques:
    • Yellow-Black dsop on ATR
    • AT/dsop Bumblebee
    • Star, ATR w/dsop
    • R on dsop on ATR on ATscmr
  • Two Thread Shuttles
  • Double Bobbin Shuttles:
    • AT Double Thread Butterfly

Title: Tatting GR-8 Alternate Threads
Author/Designer: Gary and Randy Houtz, The Shuttle Brothers
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2009
Publisher: Self, Ignacio, CO
Page Count: 69
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- Instructions are well broken down and supported with photos of the finished product and with diagrams and illustrations. They get some really striking effects with this advanced technique. Not a book for beginners - the techniques are advanced, but well worth aspiring to. I was really happy I bought this book.

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