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  • Wstep(Introduction)
  • Praca z jednym czotenkiem(work with one shuttle)
  • Praca z jednym czotenkiem i ktebkiem(work with shuttle and ball)
  • Praca z dwoma czotenkami(work with two shuttles)
  • Praca z wieksza liczba czotenek(work with a larger number of shuttles)
  • Koronka Przestrzenna(spatial lace)
  • Kombinacje z koronka szyta(combinations with stitched lace)
  • Naszywanie na material(patches for material)
  • Czyszczenie i utrzymanie koronki frywolitkowej(cleaning and maintenance of tatted lace)
  • Podziekowania(acknowledgments)
  • Zakonczenie(end)

Cover Image Property of PUBLISHER
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Title: Koronka Frywolitkowa(Crown Tatting)
Author/Designer: Hana Horakova
Format/Publication Date: HC:2005
Publisher: Wydawnictwo RM, Warsaw, Poland
Language: Polish (this book was also published in Czech with a different cover)
Page Count: 87
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9 3/4" x 6 3/4"
ISBN: 8372434395

SUMMARY- I translated the main subject lines in the Table of Contents so you can see how the book is organized and roughly what is in it. She gives the obligatory basic lesson up front with the simplest edgings one can do with a single shuttle - but then it immediately gets interesting with her lining up rings as though they were split rings, what I think of as leapfrogging picots - picots that are very long and then joined into the same ring and adjusted so that it looks like you have two picots layered one over the other - and a fancy variation on that - Josephine rings, tatting with crochet, covering a bone ring, making flowers - and then we get to Chapter Two! She starts introducing a modest amount of beads and playing with color and then the real art begins. Beautiful hair pieces, block tatting and rosettes, true split rings, crochet chaining around heavily picoted rings and chains, pearl tatting and variations of same, some 3D work, needle weaving centers for small motifs, and a visual tutorial on attaching tatting to cloth and doing insertions. I was really impressed with her playfulness and creativity - she experiments with so many techniques here and isn't afraid to borrow from other disciplines to enhance her projects. The book clearly encourages you to play too. I am very happy with this new addition to my library!