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  • Stitches Used in Crochet
  • First Stitches in Knitting
    • Bed Socks(crochet)
    • Bootees, with Tatted Edge
    • Butterfly Kimona
    • Cap, with Tatted Edge
    • Cap No. 99 in Tatting and Maltese Crochet
    • Edgings for Collar or Crocheted Sack
    • Kimona, with Crocheted Edge
    • Narrow Tatted Edge for Baby Sack
    • Sack with Tatted Edge and Motifs
    • Sacque with Tatted Collar, Cuffs andEdge in Daisy Petals
    • Wide Tatted Edge for Baby Collar and Cuffs
  • BAGS:
    • Afternoon Bag No. 56
    • Bag In Leaf Stitches with Rose Decorations No. 67(crochet)
    • Beaded Bag No. 81
    • Bag in Tatting No. 40
    • Gypsy Bag with Zig-Zag Border No. 89
    • Medallion Bag with Fur Edging No. 92
    • Morning Sewing Bag No. 97
    • Opera or Matinee Bag No. 65
    • Oriental Bag No. 80
    • Paisley Bag No. 95
    • Rainbow Striped Bag No. 78
    • Roman Stripe Bag No. 77(crochet)
    • Tapestry Bag No. 94
    • Two-Toned Costume Bag No. 80-B
    • Van Dyke Bags No. 98-A,B
    • White Summer Bag No. 239-2
    • Child's Vari-Colored Sport Cap No. 84(crochet)
    • Child's Vari-Colored Sport Cap No. 84-A(crochet)
    • Nine-inch Crochet Tassel
    • Seven-inch Tassel
    • Six-Inch Crochet Tassel
    • Art Repp Pillow with Crochet Motif, Edge
    • Button Cover in Crochet
    • Candleshade(crochet)
    • Crochet Band in Reticella Design
    • Crochet Band and Tab
    • Crochet Button Top in Roll Stitch
    • Crochet Button Top in Simple Crochet
    • Crochet Fringe
    • Crocheted Guest Towel "F"
    • Daisy Fringe, Relief Crochet
    • Handkerchief Edges in (2)Tatting, (1)Crochet
    • Lace Edge
    • Linen Huck Towel "E" Tatted Edges
    • (9)Narrow Tatted Edges
    • (6)Narrow Crocheted Edges
    • Alpine Skating Cap(crochet)
    • Crochet Tie
    • Knitted Scarf for Motoring, Skating, Evening Wear
    • Breakfast Cap(crochet)
    • Camisole
    • Edging In Plain Crochet
    • Ladies' Envelope Chemise with applied edge and insert of tatting in Lotus Point
    • Ladies' Pocket(crochet)
    • Netted Boudoir Cap
    • Venetian Crochet Edge Collar and Cuffs with Embroidery

Title: New Designs in Tatting and Crochet, Series No. 11
Author/Designer: M. Hemingway & Sons Silk Co.
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1917
Publisher: M. Hemingway & Sons Silk Co., Watertown, Conn.
Page Count: 72
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 7 3/4" x 5 3/8"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- With all the amazing tatting that came out of this time period, I was a little let down by the "plain Jane" tatting in this one. There's some nice work in crochet, but again, nothing truly spectacular. I've been spoiled by Anne Orr, Mary Fitch, Anna Wuerfel Brown, and the rest of the designers who published at this time. I was glad to finally snag a copy to document, but I couldn't work up more enthusiasm than that. Your mileage may, of course, vary...