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Title: Frivolité, Macramé, Filet
Edited by: Harvest
Format/Publication Date: HC:2005
Publisher: Harvest, Minsk, Belarus
Page Count: 240
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 6 3/4" x 5"
ISBN: 9851326550

SUMMARY- This book gives an overview of the basics for several disciplines other than the three in the title. I also saw beading, Teneriffe, and netting as well. Instructions are all in Cyrillic with no diagrams and no pictures - just drawn illustrations in grainy color throughout. It's a very compact size book with a lot of info packed into it, but unless you read Cyrillic, it probably doesn't have a lot for you. I found it interesting that translating the name of the publisher phonetically from Cyrillic came up with an English word - small mystery there why a publisher in Belarus would use it instead of the Russian word for "Harvest". I really need a Russian agent to track down these little puzzles for me...