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  • List of reference books and suppliers
  • Carrickmacross-
    Mat and Pattern
    by Eunice Close
    (2)Handkerchief Corners
    by Mollie Butler
  • Crochet-
    Hairpin Motif for Doily with Linen Center
    by Margaret Hamer
    Turkish Oyas
    by Ann Stearns
  • Knitting-
    by Frances Spooner
    (3)Lace Edgings
    by Mrs LM Todd
  • Coggeshall-
    Tamboured Lace Butterfly
    by Joan Merrifield
    Mat or Panel
    by Norma E Bottomley
  • Macrame-
    Star Motif, Evening Bag
    by Eunice Close
  • Needlepoint-
    Bird, Flower
    by Andrew Johnson
    Doily, Bird in Triangle Motif
    by Eunice Close
  • Needlerun-
    Handerkerchief Edging
    by Eunice Close
  • Tape-
    Doily with Linen Center
    by Eunice Close
  • Netting-
    Woman's Figure in Wall Hanging
    Doily combined with Tatting
    by Jane Dunn
  • Tatting-
    (2)Edgings, 2 Square Motifs, Corner, Flower, Bell
    by Kathleen Waller
    Flower with leaves for Card
    by Sheila York
    Jabot, Brooch(with crochet)
    by Not Given
    Summer Bouquet Picture(pattern not given)
    by Miss B. Beeby
  • Teneriffe-
    Doily with Linen Center
    by Kathleen Waller
    Lace Guild Logo

Title: Lace
Author/Designer: Margaret Hamer and Kathleen Waller
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1981?
Publisher: Henshaw Press, Ltd., Birmingham, UK
Language: English
Page Count: 32
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- There's no introduction or explanation for why this book was put together, just a note below the Table of Contents declaring all the profits would go to the Lace Guild. No contact information was given for the Lace Guild, and there is no copyright date on the book. I'm guessing this was done to showcase a variety of laces, and they gave the patterns for each(except the tatted Summer Bouquet picture). This isn't a how-to book. If you don't already know how to make that particular lace, you won't be able to follow the patterns.

The interior is all crisp black-and-white, but the cover needed a different contrast color - white thread and ivory shuttle do not show up well against a pale yellow background.