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    • Alfabeto Colorato:
      Colorful Alphabet/Monogram Set
            by Edda Guastalla
    • Il Gatto(cat)...e la Volpe(fox):
      Beaded Earrings
            by Alessandra Filippi
    • Preziosi Fiori:
      Precious Flowers
            by Edda Guastalla
    • Cuori:
      (6)Heart Motifs
            by Edda Guastalla
    • 3D Rose
            by Edda Guastalla
    • TUTORIAL(needle tatting)
            by Not Given

Title: CREATIVA: ago e navetta Chiacchierino(Needle Tatting), Special 39
Author/Designer: Edda Guastalla, Alessandra Filippa
Format/Publication Date: MAG:2016ish
Publisher: Edizioni G.E.S., Milano, Italy
Language: Italian
Page Count: 66
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISSN: None

SUMMARY- G.E.S. publishes a wide range of craft magazines and specials, much like Better Homes and Gardens did in the 90's. Several of the Specials featured the designer Edda Guastalla, and this is one of them. I'll add the others to the bibliography as I find them. This one featured a fantastic monogram set that takes up nearly half the issue! The adorable cat earrings(and the little fox in the bottom left corner) were designed by Alessandra Filippa, another Italian designer I haven't seen anything else from yet. Stella also did a series of tatted jewelry specials for this publisher.

The publisher has a website: And Edda Guastalla has two websites: