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  • Prefazione
  • Sezione 1:
    • Chiacchierino con le perline o Beanile
    • Orecchini "Notte misteriosa"
    • Bracciale "Nicole"
    • Orecchini "Corallo"
    • Orecchini "Brina"
  • Sezione 2:
    • Introduzione
    • Composizione "Margaret"
    • Bracciale "Duchessa"
    • Orecchini "Angelica"
    • Spilla "Il quarto canto dell'usignolo"
    • Clips "Samba della falena grigia"
    • Anello "Umore di jeans"
    • Bracciale "Sogno di una notte d'estate"

Title: Chiacchierino Ankars: Collezione schemi d'autore
Author/Designer: Angella Gambka
Format/Publication Date: pdf:2006
Publisher: Self, Italy
Page Count: 59
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.):
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- There are some really stunning jewelry designs on this pdf. Instructions are all in Italian, but there are diagrams. Sample pictures do not print well so it's better to study detail of her complex designs on the screen rather than on paper. She likes giving depth and dimension to her pieces, and uses beads judiciously to accent the pieces - I was really blown away. I definitely would not hand this file to a beginner, but someone with experience would be well rewarded.

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