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  • Heavenly Edgings
  • Abbreviations
  • Pattern Legend
  • How to Attach to Doily
  • How to Attach to Hanky
  • Edging 1(dangling scallops)
  • Edging 2(hearts)
  • Edging 3(drunkards path)
  • Edging 4(small scallop)
  • Edging 5(daisy)
  • Edging 6(8-picot chains)
  • Edging 7(simple beginner)
  • Edging 8(simple beginner)
  • Edging 9(picket fence)
  • Edging 10(4-ring scallop)
  • Edging 11(bad hair day)
  • Edging 12(waves of daisies)
  • Edging 13(sprouts holding hands)
  • Edging 14(ring/chain scallops)
  • Edging 15(double wide)
  • Triple picot for Needle Tatters

Title: Embellishing with Edgings
Edited by: Barbara Foster
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2011
Publisher: Handy Hands, Inc., Paxton, IL
Page Count: 28
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1883432170

SUMMARY- I did some free association naming of each pattern (in parentheses) in the Table of Contents to try and give you a better sense of what the edgings look like. The pattern instructions are very well broken down and are done in symbolic notation. You also get clear diagrams and fantastic photography - you and count the stitches for yourself if you need to. Patterns are rated as to difficulty for the tatter. There are no names on any of the patterns and Ms. Foster is listed as the editor, not the designer - so the patterns are unattributed. This is not usual for her. Normally she gives credit where it is due. There are some lovely designs here, and I'm always confident of Ms. Foster's editing, so I would certainly recommend this book if you're looking to expand your edging pattern stash.

Barbara Foster has a website where you can buy anything you need to tat: