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  • Poem
  • Abbreviations
  • Pattern Legend
  • Reverse and No Reverse
  • Right Side- Wrong Side
  • Shuttle Terms
  • Adding Beads: Between Double Stitches
  • Adding Beads: to A Picot
  • Adding Beads: To Picot then Join
  • Adding Beads: As A Joining Picot
  • Adding Beads: Middle of a Ring (Mock Ring)
  • Double Twisted Picot Join: With Chains
  • Split Ring
  • Double Twisted Picot Join: All Rings
  • floating and Non Floating Ring
  • Chain after Chain Joining: Two Techniques
  • Starting with a Chain
  • Tieing a Knot: After NO reverse
  • Patterns:
    Beaded Bracelet(Kendra)
    Joy's Heart(Sandy)
    Curved Collar(Sandy)
    Necklace Medallion(Sandy)
    Necklace Medallion with Beads(Sandy)
    Vintage Medallion
    Vintage Tab Collar/Necklace(Nellie Hall Youngburg, 1921)
    Vintage Tab Collar/Necklace with Beads
    Flower Medallion with Beads(Sandy)
    Snowflake wihtFloating Rings / Non Floating
    Split Ring Cross(Sandy)

Title: Needle Tatting Techniques & More
Edited by: Barbara Foster
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2014
Publisher: Handy Hands, Inc., Paxton, IL
Page Count: 48
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1883432197

SUMMARY- Ms. Foster is a very experienced hand at putting together tatting instructions. This book has brilliant crystal clear photography and photo tutorials that are easy to follow. You get a good photo of each project, well broken down instructions in symbolic notation, and a diagram in multiple colors so that it is easy to read. The designs are well chosen and run the spectrum of complexity. If you're a needle tatter, or are interested in learning how to needle tat, this would be a great book to pick up.

Barbara Foster has a website where you can buy anything you need to tat: