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  • Preface
  • PART I: The Story of Lace
    • 1: From Primitive Nets to the Glorious Beauty of Fine Lace
    • 2: Many Loved Lace in Many Ways
    • 3: Lace-Making Around the World
  • PART II: Patterns
    • A Forward
    • 4: Edgings, Insertions, and Motifs(crochet, knit, tat)
    • 5: Home Decor
    • 6: Fashion
    • 7: Crochet Directions
    • 8: Hairpin Lace Directions
    • 9: Knitting Directions
    • 10: Tatting Directions
  • Acknowledgments
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Title: Handmade Lace & Patterns
Author/Designer: Annette Feldman
Format/Publication Date: HC:1975
Publisher: Harper & Row, NY
Page Count: 208
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/2" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: 0-06-011231-X

SUMMARY- Lots of great (black-and-white) photos, but photos for the patterns are not with the patterns - they're in a section in the middle of the book. I would not try to learn how to tat(or knit, or crochet) from the tutorials in this book - not sure why many authors bother to include tutorials if they aren't detailed enough to help a true beginner. But the research for the first half of the book is a fascinating read and well worth trying to find this book.