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  • Le mot de l'auteur, Josette Eveillard
  • Présentation de la Frivolité
  • Utilisation, materiel et abreviations
  • Les techniques de base:
    • Remplir la navette
    • Realiser un noeud double
    • Le Picot
    • Realiser un arceau
    • Rouvrir un rond
    • Realiser un motif
    • Le Picot Josephine
    • La Frivolité inversée, tordue, perlée
  • Modeles "Impression nature":
    • Les Bordures
    • Kenya
    • Thaïlande
    • Camélia
    • Roseau
    • Couture
    • Mini-cadres
  • Modeles "Papillon vole":
    • Précieux
    • Printemps
    • Lutins
    • Orchidées
    • Libellules
    • Jours Heureux
  • Models "Bleu Azulejos":
    • Oriental
    • Ibérique
  • Modeles "Positif-negatif":
    • Perles
    • Souvenirs
    • Galets
    • Café
    • Cactus

Title: La Frivolité
Author/Designer: Josette Eveillard
Format/Publication Date: HC:2008
Publisher: Les Editions de Saxe, Paris, France
Language: French
Page Count: 63
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 3/4" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 9782756502274

SUMMARY- There's a half dozen or so traditional edgings, and a nice selection of doily patterns. The book is written in French, but there are diagrams for all the patterns, so if you are experienced enough to read diagrams, you should be able to use this book. She sticks to traditional techniques, and gives you good photos of her samples. For her tutorial photos, she used a very fine white thread that was nearly invisible against the background, so the space she used to go over the basics felt wasted to me. Otherwise, I'd only recommend this book to people who love doing doilies and mats.