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  • Supplies
  • Good Things To Know Before Tatting Lace
  • How to Needle Tat-the Double Stitch:
    • First Half Stitch
    • Second Half Stitch
    • Make a Chain
    • Close Chain
    • Make a Ring
    • Close Ring
  • How to Read a Pattern:
    • Little Lace Flower
  • Basic Techniques and Definitions:
    • Add New Thread
    • Bare Thread Space
    • Correct Errors
    • Cut & Tie
    • Element
    • Flawless Front
    • Gapsosis
    • Join
    • Josephine Chain/Josephine Spiral
    • Josephine Knot
    • Picot
    • Picot Gauge
    • Pinch
    • Reverse Order of Double Stitch
    • Reverse Work
    • Rotate Work
    • Round
    • Sew in Tail Ends
    • Shoelace Trick
    • Slip Knot
    • Square Knot
    • Turn Work
  • How to Make and Use a Pinning Board
  • Finishing Tatted Lace
  • Why I Learned to Tat
  • Abbreviation Key

Title: How to Needle Tat: A Beginner's Guide Book
Author/Designer: Laura Evans
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2013
Publisher:, Bradenton, FL
Page Count: 60
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 9781626468566

SUMMARY- You get clear illustration for each step instead of photos - I like illustration better, and Ms. Evans' are done well. I didn't have to guess what I was looking at or where the thread was going. Having learned shuttle tatting from books when I was 16, I know it can be done - but youtube makes learning any tatting techniques nearly painless. It is still useful to have hardcopy, and this is a great resource. It isn't a pattern book. The one pattern is fairly simple, but covers all the basic techniques - and she gives it in three formats(written, numeric, and diagram) to help familiarize the novice with the most common notations. I really liked that touch. I also got a giggle out of her coining "gapsosis" - a common ailment of sloppy tatting - and pleased with her explanation of the cure. Her explanations are clear and thorough. I will happily recommend this book. I also went and explored the author's website and was equally delighted with that. I've included the url below.

Author has a website:

And wrote an interesting article on the history of tatting: