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  • Advantages and Uses of Wire
  • Where to buy it
  • A chapter for complete beginners
  • A chapter for lacemakers
  • A sampler for trying different wires
  • Classic methods for wire lace
  • Non-classic methods for wire lace
  • Adding other things to the wire
  • Things to make
  • Design sources
  • Three-dimensional designs
  • Adapting designs for working
  • The length for the job
  • Fastening on
  • Combinings and partings
  • Fastening off
  • Finishing
  • Mounting
  • Wire as a gimp or edge pair
  • Enclosing a wire frame in thread

Title: Copper Wire Lace
Author/Designer: Anne Dyer
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1994
Publisher: Point Ground, Denver, CO(1995)
Page Count: 46
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9 3/4" x 7"
ISBN: 0952404508

SUMMARY- Anne Dyer is evidently a master of many different disciplines. I also have a book for designing your own stuffed toys from Britain by an Anne Dyer published in 1970 - that's 25 years earlier than this and her tatting books, so I don't know if it's the same Anne Dyer, or possibly a relation. It's a mystery I'd love to solve. Anyone know the answer? I was keen to find this book because I knit chainmail, and am interested in wire and its artistic uses. This book is for bobbin lacers - sort of. She warns that you have to change a lot of your habits in order to work with wire rather than thread. This isn't a tatting book, but it was published by a tatting designer, and I think it is good to get to know how many disciplines a designer has played with. I ended up with a couple of extra copies of this book when I bought it, so I'll be donating copies to NCRL(North Carolina Regional Lacers) and IOLI(International Organization of Lace, Inc)'s lending libraries, if you have an interest in it yourself.