Cover Image Property of PUBLISHER
This image was scanned from my private collection

Cover Image Property of PUBLISHER
This image was scanned from my private collection


  • Introduction
    • Definitions and Key to Diagrams
    • Hints on Working
    • Starts and Stops
    • Lines for Chains or Rings
    • Chains Only
    • Rings Only
    • Joining with Picots
    • Decorative Joins
    • Decorative Picots
    • Odd Shapes
    • Mixing Methods
    • Add One/Two Extra Thread/s While Working
    • Bead Chain
    • Beaded Picots
    • Bull's Head
    • Celtic Patterns in Normal and Two-Edged Chain
    • Chain Picot
    • Closing a Chain on Top of Another
    • Clover Petals
    • Daisy and Double Daisy Picots
    • Double Mousehole Ring
    • Double Picots
    • False Ring
    • Fastening Off at End of Work
    • Fastening Off Several Pairs of Threads Into One Ring
    • Fluffy Flower
    • Hooked Chain, When There is no Space to Tat
    • Joined Rings
    • Joining in Front or Behind a Line From Inside
    • Joining One Ring to Lie Inside Another
    • Joining to the Smooth Side
    • Joining to the Smooth Side of Unreversed Work
    • Joining Two LInes to a Neighbor
    • Joining with Standard Picots
    • Knobbly Line
    • Late Picot
    • Leaves
    • Lumpy Line
    • Mock-Hairpin Ring
    • Mousehole Ring
    • Picot-Filled Ring
    • Removing threads while working
    • Rich ring
    • S-bends
    • Spiral line and ring
    • Spirals
    • Square rings and chain
    • Starting several threads/pairs of threads out of a ring
    • Straight line
    • Striped line
    • Stuffed olives
    • Tallies
    • Tapering chain, smooth sided
    • Three-thread line
    • Two-edged line
    • Wavy chain
    • Whipped line
    • Wide three shuttle ring and chain
    • Wrought iron work
    • Zigzag chain

Title: To Boldly Go Where No Shuttle Has Gone Before or Tatting Definitely Not For Beginners
Author/Designer: Anne Dyer
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1993(red cover),1994(black cover)
Publisher: Point Ground, Denver, CO(1994)
Page Count: 46
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- Okay, I admit I bought this book because of the cover - tatting with a space theme? I'm so there. After all, I could imagine astronauts pulling their tatting out of a zippered pocket to a do a few rings while they're waiting to establish orbit. Alas, this book has nothing to do with astronomy. Instead, it is an exploration of experimental techniques for the more adventurous tatter. Stuck for a particular look to finish a pattern? This is a great book to browse for ideas.

She originally self-published(see the red cover to the left)