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Title: Linen and Pearls Tatting Bag with Matching Hairbow
Author/Designer: Carolyn Dunn
Format/Publication Date: Loose:1990
Publisher: Royal NeedleArts, Hurst, TX
Page Count: 8
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- You get the cloth pattern for a drawstring type "Dorothy" cloth bag decorated with tatting trim, and a matching hairbow using the same tatted insertion used in the bag. This is another early pattern set of Ms. Dunn's that I've come across - about 7 years after finding a handful of them still available at Handy Hands. This one has been out of print for at least that long. I thought I had them all until I ran across this and the satin sachet patterns, so now I have no idea how many I'm still missing in this catalog. If you have any I'm not aware of, could you give me a heads up? I like Ms. Dunn's patterns, and was happy to have found a couple more. I just wish she'd made a habit of including an order form or catalog of her other patterns so I would know when to stop looking!

Ms. Dunn's patterns are all on loose sets of paper stapled together with a color photo glued to the cover page for reference. I keep them all in one tidy 3-ring binder.