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Title: "Here's My Heart" Collar Set
Author/Designer: Carolyn Dunn
Format/Publication Date: Loose:1991
Publisher: Royal NeedleArts, Hurst, TX
Page Count: 10
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- You get the pattern for a large and a small heart applique, and a simple edging for the tatting portion of this pattern. You also get the paper patterns for the collars they are meant to be applied to in both child and adult sizes small, medium and large. I'm thinking mother/daughter matching dresses would look really charming with this collar set, and not hard to make up. This is another early pattern set of Ms. Dunn's that I've come across - about 7 years after finding a handful of them still available at Handy Hands. This one has been out of print for at least that long. I thought I had them all until I ran across this and the satin sachet patterns, so now I have no idea how many I'm still missing in this catalog. If you have any I'm not aware of, could you give me a heads up? I like Ms. Dunn's patterns, and was happy to have found a couple more.

Ms. Dunn's patterns are all on loose sets of paper stapled together with a color photo glued to the cover page for reference. I keep them all in one tidy 3-ring binder.