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Title: Die Schiffchenarbeit: 12 Tafeln mit 74 Mustern in Originalgröße
Author/Designer: Mizi Donner
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1919?
Publisher: Unknown, Berlin, Germany
Language: German
Page Count: 12
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 x 12"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I ran across this one on the German ebay site. The seller thought it might be from 1919 because of the inscription written on the inside cover. It was given as a gift back in 1919, so it is at least that old. There is no author or publisher given, but it is a lovely collection of 12 black-and-white glossy photo plates of 39 edgings, 25 small motifs, 7 small doilies, two linen doilies and a lovely corner. The reason I believe it may be a showcase of Mizi Donner's work are all the onion rings on nearly every page. It was published in the same decade as Mizi Donner's much loved Ich Kann handarbeiten, in Germany. Now it may be that some other enthusiastic tatter took a look at Mizi Donner's work and ran with it - but I think the odds are good that the patterns are Mizi's. Because the copyright on this book has long since expired, I think I may go ahead and make writing out the patterns for this one a project and reprint it to benefit the Bibliography Project. What do you think?