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  • Forward
  • I. Plain Sewing
  • II. Sewing and Embroidering Machine: Machine Sewing and Embroidering
  • III. Mending
  • IV. Embroidery on White Materials
  • V. Linen Embroidery
  • VI. Embroidery on Silk and Velvet
  • VII. Gold Embroidery
  • VIII. Applique Work
  • IX. Tapestry
  • X. Knitting
  • XI. Crochet
  • XII. Tatting
  • XIII. Macrame
  • XIV. Filet Lace
  • XV. Openwork on Linen
  • XVI. Embroidery Laces
  • XVII. Needlemade Laces
  • XVIII. Pillow Laces
  • XIX. Needlework Trimmings
  • XX. Miscellaneous Directions

Title: The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework
Author/Designer: Therese de Dillmont
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1978(reprint)
Publisher: Running Press, Philadelphia, PA
Page Count: 700
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9" x 6"
ISBN: 0914294008

SUMMARY- I did not take the time to fill in all the subchapter titles in the table of contents - it would have taken hours to do so. This book is packed with all sorts of useful information and a pleasure to read. The chapter on tatting is 20 pages and goes over the basics. A few of the designs it gives also incorporate crochet. There are books with better illustrations and instructions for teaching tatting, but I found this book interesting to browse. It is considered by experienced artisans the bible for needleworkers. Mlle. de Dillmont is credited for inventing and naming the Josephine Knot in tatting. I'm really pleased to add it to my collection.