Cover Image Property of PUBLISHER
This image was scanned from my private collection

Cover Image Property of PUBLISHER
This image was scanned from my private collection


  • Revival of a Fine Old Art
  • Shuttles
  • Beginning to Tat
  • Patterns for Single Thread Tatters
  • Tatting With Ball Thread
  • Ball Thread Medallions
  • Coasters and Small Doilies
  • Knotting, Netting and Yarn Work
  • Small Tatted Squares
  • All-Over Patterns
  • Larger Doily Patterns
  • Wide Laces
  • Two Shuttle Work, Padding and Cording
  • Solid Work and Sculptured Tatting
  • Miscellaneous Patterns
  • Index & Index of Technique

Title: Let's Tat
Author/Designer: Angeline Hardwick Crichlow(1910 - 1997)
Format/Publication Date: HC:1981
Publisher: Books Publication, Dayton, Ohio
Page Count: 353
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 5"
ISBN: None;

SUMMARY- The preface explains that Mrs. Crichlow handstitched and bound her books herself. Only 500 of this hardcover were made. She did a beautiful job, and included a sewn in ribbon with bead marker, and autographed it. I paid a shamefully low price for this treasure many years ago and had no idea what I was getting at the time - the rarest in my tatting book collection. I have never run across another copy - so I have no idea if it's supposed to have a dust jacket or not. I've included a scan of the bright yellow cover with gold stamping in case there was no dust jacket. This book is meant to help a beginner learn and to expose them to traditional patterns. I think it does this very well, but there are much easier books to find for this purpose!

Angeline Hardwick Crichlow was born in 1910 on a ranch in the territory of Arizona. Mrs. Crichlow became a tireless champion of reviving tatting as an art form in 1976(though she had been tatting herself since she was eight), when a local newspaper challenged its readership to promote a lost art form from colonial times for the bicentennial! Articles have been written about her importance to the tatting revival in such periodicals as "Pieceworks".

Her daughter Jeani has reprinted all of Mrs. Crichlow's workbooks, used as teaching tools in the '90's. I was very excited to complete my collection of Mrs. Crichlow's printed works.

Judith Connors did a biography article on Craftree.