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  • Preface
  • Symbols and abbreviations
  • Techniques:
    • Central Mock Ring
    • Dora Young Knot
    • Downward Picot Join
    • Inverted Tatting
    • Needle Tatting
    • Pearl Tatting
    • Padded Tatting
    • Reverse Stitch/tatting
    • Split Chain
    • Split Ring
  • Disposal of Ends
  • Presentation of your work
  • The Galaxy of Patterns:
    • Venus- a dainty wedding garter
    • Corona- a sunburst doily
    • Aster- a floral edging
    • Gemini- a pair of beaded earrings
    • Rigel- a key to celebrate
    • Aquarius- a delicate rose
    • Mira- a 'take anywhere' cup of tea
    • Andromeda- a runner with linen insets
    • Gemma- a choker with an optional accessory
    • Capella- a pair of pendant earrings
    • Lyra- a bell with appeal
    • Carina- a honeysuckle bookmark
    • Vega- an attractive glass cover
    • Orion- a couple of picture cards
    • Ariadne- a tropical orchid
  • Useful references
  • Index

Title: Contemporary Tatting: New Designs from an Old Art
Author/Designer: Judith Connors
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2012
Publisher: Lacis Publications, Berkeley, CA
Page Count: 64
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1-891656-22-8

SUMMARY- There are some great designs in this reprint of the 2006 Australian edition. She incorporates a lot of advanced techniques, and while she gives diagrams in this book, the patterns aren't written out completely - I wouldn't recommend this book to a novice tatter. Lovely photographs and helpful illustrations throughout.