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  • Introduction
  • SECTION I - Basic Tatting Instructions
  • SECTION II - Introduction to Ich kann Handarbeiten
  • SECTION III - TATTING(Frivolitätenarbeit)
    • Narrow Edging with Rings & Chains
    • Rosette
    • Rick-rack Insertion
    • Narrow Edging with rings, Chains & Picots
    • Double-Ring Star
    • Wide Insertion
    • Variable-Width Insertion
    • Daisy Edging with Corner Formation
    • Square/Diamond with Triple Rings
    • Narrow Edging
    • Rosette
    • Wide Insertion with Triple Rings
    • Edging with Double Rings
    • Wide Edging
    • Edging Matching Ill. 20
    • Wide Edging with Double Rings
    • Hens and Chickens Edging
    • Wide Triangle with Triple Rings
    • Wide Edging with Triple Rings

Title: German Tatting Patterns Circa 1910(English Translation)
Author/Designer: Helen A. Chesno
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2001
Publisher: Chesno Publications, Coraopolis, PA
Page Count: 36
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
ISBN: 3893504079

SUMMARY- This is an excerpted chapter translated into English by Ms. Chesno from Ich kann handarbeiten, edited by Mizi Donner and Carl Schnebel from the original German edition(Ullstein & Co., Berlin and Vienna,1913). The patterns are fairly traditional stuff presented in written notation. Illustrations are not clear or large enough to see all but general detail. A lot of the patterns incorporate onion rings to nice effect.